05 February 2014

New ventures from 3-D to 4K and 5-D

New ventures from 3-D to 4K and 5-D

5DLux.com is the latest addition to the 3-D Revolution Productions family of websites, offering highly specialized film, animation, vfx, television, theatre, and online media services. The full offering is as follows:

3D Stereoscopic animation production and consultancy can be found on 3-D Revolution's the3drevolution.com. 3D production services include 2D to 3D conversion and 3D Quality Control / supervision and pipeline setup for 3D Stereoscopic studio production.

4K Render and conversion services can be found on 4K Render's 4krender.com. 4K services include 4K and 8K render cost reduction, 2K to 4K blowup (upres) services, 4K 3D conversion, 4K HFR 3D conversion, 24fps to HFR conversion and combinations thereof - 2K 24fps to 3D 4K HFR conversion for example.

5D Metaphysical media services can be found at 5DLux's website 5dlux.com. 5D services are defined as the application of higher harmonic and metaphysical vibrations in image, sound and other electro-magnetic frequencies to create a deep etheric and soul sensory experience beyond current Cinema, Television, Theatre and Online technological offerings.

5D Film Production 

Full film production using any or all available techniques to effectuate energy movement on higher vibrational levels. Employing a profound understanding of the mechanics, psychology and metaphysics of cinematic vision. Part or full assistance on your film, television, theatre or interactive media production to add a deeper and higher layers to story, design, stage, audience space, audience interaction energy, memory, and overall project experience. From pre- to mid- to post-production. 5D Post Conversion is certainly also one of the
Retaining pure, focussed intention througout the project to ensure energy purity for the entire project and to allow intention to come to fruition without energetic hindrance - an incredibly common issue in media production.

Emotion Track

Emotion Track is a unique service developed by 5DLux to record and play back any emotions recorded as performed by an actor. This can be the same actor as the one playing the character on screen or a specialist emotion actor. The audience can now experience these recorded emotions through regular image and sound in film, on television and online. There is the option of installing electro-magnetic and etheric emitters in theatres for cinema and live performance.

Other 5D Film services

- 5D Script writing / Screenwriting / editing / doctoring
- 5D Music and Sound production
- Visualization of higher concepts
- Wokshops, Masterclasses & Talks

Hope to see you in the 3rd, 4th or 5th Dimension of film soon!

Alexander Lentjes
3-D Revolution Productions


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