05 August 2008

Journey 3-D Review

Journey to the Center of the Earth 3-D Movie Review
Finally, a new 3-D Stereoscopic Film Review on the 3-D Review page of The 3-D Revolution website! This time it's a review of the Stereoscopic 3-D as used in 'Journey 3-D', or: 'Journey to the Center of the Earth 3-D'. Check it out here.

You can still find the Beowulf 3-D review here and if Hollywood keeps its promise, there are plenty more 3-D reviews to come.

There are plenty of reviews of Journey 3-D that talk about how great the digital projection of the picture is, how the story is based on a Jules Verne book and how the 3-D HD camera system and the Real-D projection is amazing and digital.

But none of the reviews out there talk about the use of 3-D, and especially not the cinematic use of 3-D. That is mainly because most reviewers will copy press material released by the studio and distributor but also because film critics don’t necessarily know anything about 3-D and how to analyze and grade it. So here is a review that does just that: look very closely at the 3-D and talk about why it works when the 3-D is great and what makes for poor 3-D...

The 3-D Review

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