11 August 2007

U2: 3-D 4U

U2: 3D 4U

A very exciting project coming to a 3-D enabled theatre near you (Real-D or Dolby 3-D) is of course U2 3D. A big point Real D and Dolby are making about digitizing and 3-D enabling your local cinema is that is can also host digital HD broadcasts of events like the World Cup and big concerts, especially 3-D broadcasts. But because there is no 3-D broadcast infrastructure at the moment (something that technology like Sensio can help facilitate) we’ll have to settle for a produced and post-produced 3-D concert like U2 3D. A great start because U2 knows how to fill a stage in 3 Dimensions and really exploit the medium of concert entertainment. They sure know how to satisfy all senses.

Bono in 3-D

And we are certain 3ality will do an amazing job at getting U2 3D in the digital can. No doubts about the quality of their large scale 3-D production operations!

Three simple reasons to choose 3-D Revolution Productions for your next 3-D film project:

1. We have been working in the field of stereo 3-D for over 7 years. Stereoscopic 3-D film, video and animation are our specialty and we know the medium absolutely through and through. We understand the medium and its possibilities and employ its full potential rather than just trying to copy what has come before.
2. We create stereoscopic content, with a background knowledge of 3-D hardware, rather than being 3-D hardware manufacturers who do a bit of 3-D image creation on the side. At 3-D Revolution Productions we are all trained film makers, animators, directors and FX specialists with a background in feature film and broadcast television production.
3. We incorporate the latest advances in 3-D technology as much as the proven, unfailing techniques of the rich stereo 3-D past to make your 3-D dreams into a screen reality. We’ll do whatever it takes to get to the best possible 3-D end result!

Duke wearing 3-D glasses

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