05 April 2007

3-D Stereoscopic production for the rest of us

There is currently a lot of talk in the common and media press about 3-D film production and releases, spawned by the changeover to digital projection. Dreamworks has promised it will produce all its animation features in 3-D from now on, Cameron is still en route to release the most expensive film ever with Avatar, also in 3-D, and Zemeckis has just joined up with Disney to ensure their 3-D efforts are successful, creatively, from now on.

But is there enough knowledge about 3-D film and animation production amongst everybody but these mogul film producers to guarantee professional quality stereoscopic product from the rest of the world's film professionals?

There has been over a century of education in film language, but the 3-Dimesional equivalent still remains something of a secret art. Because of this, producers wishing to shoot, animate or post-produce in 3-D are more often than not stabbing in the dark about what is possible, how to do it all and how much it should cost. A 3-D professional can fill in all those blanks.

There are as many different possibilities for the final 3-D look as there are for the look of a regular flat movie. Where use of lens, focal length, depth of field, film stock, f-stops, colour timing and countless other factors determine the look of a flat movie, the 3-Dimensional look will be determined by all these factors, interacting with camera interocular, convergence, stereo window offset, stereo window safety, screen size and extra-stereoscopic depth cues.

You see, it’s for a good reason that every 3-D stereoscopic film production includes 3-D technicians as well as 3-D cinematographic advisers. Without the 3-D direction, the 3-D equivalent of a typical YouTube video will result: amateurish, poor-looking, clumsy and often difficult to watch, and that’s when you’re not causing your audience massive headaches.

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